DVDFab Video Downloader Review: An Easy Way to Download Twitch Videos

Summary: Are you looking for a solution to download twitch videos? This article describes preliminary things you need to check out before adding a Video Downloader to your cart, what services it can provide, and how it performs to download twitch videos.

Video download has always been a hot topic and got woven into our life with more and more people choosing this method for various purposes, like sharing favorite beauty products with followers, showing talents for viewer attraction and etc. However, in a world where copyright is well protected, an easy access to video download is hard to acquire and mostly means a heavy cost. And that’s when some practical programs kick in. The following parts will show you how to download twitch videos and introduce the best software solution for your best experience.

DVDFab Video Downloader Review: An Easy Way to Download Twitch Videos

1. Factors You Need to Think About to Download Twitch Videos

Functions occupies a foremost place when you choose a video downloader to download twitch videos online. No one wants its video to be downloaded at a low speed. It will be terrible if the downloaded video appears unclear. So, basically, your video downloader should download a video fast and provide a high video resolution. Besides, if the video downloader can bring more new functions, looks better and uses well, nothing can be more terrific than this.

2. Top Program Recommended - DVDFab Video Downloader

DVDFab Video Downloader is such a tool that is designed to address different kinds of problems you have when downloading videos. After a couple of generations of improvement, this twitch video download has now grown into a one-stop solution. if you have any trouble as to how to download videos, it may be your best assistant you ever have.

DVDFab Video Downloader DVDFab Video Downloader

DVDFab Video Downloader Effective solution to download twitch videos, easy-to-use with three steps to download videos from 200+ video websites

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3. How Does it Perform to Download Twitch Videos?

The features described above make DVDFab Video Downloader outstanding in functions. You may then ask how this Video Downloader works to perform those features and to download twitch videos as well. The following sections will express it.

Step 1: Install DVDFab Video Downloader

DVDFab Video Downloader is a powerful program. To use this twitch video Downloader online, you need to download this program from the page of DVDFab Downloader first. That’s because this program is a product module of DVDFab Downloader. Then click Free Download button and install this program.


download twitch videos


Note: Start this twitch video Downloader online. Before using it, you may need to do some preset. Click an upside-down triangle on the right top corner, then a list will appear where you may click Settings. A new panel will show up where Video Directory and Download Video need a little more attention. For Video Directory, click the Folder icon to select a new directory instead of the default one to save your output video if needed. For Download Video, unfold all options and you will see Ask me each time, Best, 8K UHD-4320p, 4K UHD-2160p, Full HD-1080p, HD-720p, SD-480p, 360p, 240p and 144p.

If you choose “Best” option, this software will recognize automatically the best quality of video to be download. If you choose “8K-4320p” option while the original video quality doesn’t reach this standard, then the program will download the videos with the best quality automatically. Here we recommend you to choose “Ask me each time”. That’s because, for this setting, you will be presented a panel where you can choose one from different resolutions after you click Download button to download your preferred video.




Step 2: Find a video you preferred

How to find a video before you download your own twitch videos? Two methods are provided here. First, paste the URL of your preferred video into the search bar for searching. Second, click any app in the upper part of interface, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. or click More to explore a video that attracts you. Play this video. And Download button will appear, as soon as the playing video information is completely analyzed.


can you download twitch videos


Add Videos to My Favorites or Created Playlists

This program can do a lot when you download twitch videos. For playing the YouTube video, we will show you how it works. When you are playing a YouTube video, three buttons, Add to, Play, Download, will show up on the screen. Move your mouse cursor to the Add to button, two options will be noticed, Add to Favorite and Add to Playlist.

Add to Favorite means to save the playing online YouTube video to My Favorites lying on the left side of the interface. Add to Playlist will not work unless you have created a playlist under Created Playlists. Therefore, you may need to click + to create a new playlist. After refreshing the video page, Add to Playlist will be active.



Download and Save a Playlist

As an expert to solve problems on how to download twitch videos, DVDFab Video Downloader can offer more. When an online playlist is played, this program will recognize it automatically. Click Download button on the suspending bar, you can notice that a new option, Playlist, is added in. If you click this Playlist, a new panel pops up for you to choose to download a video, several videos or all of them. Click Add to on the suspending bar, you can notice that a new option, Save Playlist, shows up. If you click this Save Playlist, the online playing playlist will be saved under Saved Playlists on the left column.




Play button

You may want to play a video when you download twitch videos online. A Play button will appear when a video URL is analyzed by this program. Click Play button to play the video. A new playing interface will pop up. On the left side part of the bottom bar, a small heart, an upside-down arrow and an “x” icon can be seen obviously; on the middle part of the bottom bar, a cycling icon, “play last video”, “play or pause”, “play next video”, and “volume control” can be noticed; on the right part of the bottom bar, a playback speed icon needs your attention.




Note: Click the album conver, you can unfold the playing page.

         Click the small heart icon, you will add this video to My Favorites list.

         Click the upside-down arrow, you can decide whether to download its audio or its video when a video is playing.

         Click “x” icon, you will close the playing interface.

         Click the cycling icon, not far from the right side of “x”, you can select playing mode, such as repeat all, repeat single, sequential and shuffle mode.

         Click the playback speed icon on the right side corner, you can adjust the playing speed as you like.

Step 3: Download videos

This twitch video downloader MP4 can help you realize what you want. You are able to download a video as long as its information has been analyzed by this program automatically. Click Download button shown on the upper side of playing interface. Then the video starts to be downloaded. Click Downloads button located on the left side column, then a new interface will come into sight where Music, Video and Downloading buttons exist. Music and Video buttons represent downloaded works.


how to download videos on twitch-1


download twitch videos-1


Note: In the process to use this twitch video Downloader MP4, Turbo-Speed download, standing for a faster speed, is available.

With so much detailed information, you must have already known how to download twitch videos. Isn’t it wonderful? So stop hesitating! Just go and have a try. This program will never let you down.

4. Where Do Downloadable Videos Come from?

Now you can see DVDFab Video Downloader is the expert tool to solve how to download videos on twitch. The following part will give you several cases from 200+ supported websites.

Available Website without Registration
YouTube allows unregistered users to watch videos on the website, but not to upload or comment on them.
Twitter allows unregistered users to read tweets on the website, but not to post or retweet them.
Regional Media Platform
Afreecatv is Korea’s online video resource in news, life and variety entertainment.
Bell Media is Canada’s leading assets in television, radio, out-of-home advertising, and digital media.
Video Archive
Closer to Truth is the world's largest archive of video interviews with leading experts in the philosophy of cosmology and physics, consciousness, and the philosophy of religion.
CharlieRose is the video archive for brilliant people in all walks of life covering law, science, business, history and etc.

5. What Users Can Get from DVDFab?

Besides helping you download twitch videos online, as the world’s leading multimedia solution vendor, DVDFab Software offers the world’s most complete solution packages for users to back up their legally owned DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, convert those disc collections to on-demand formats to watch on portable & mobile devices anytime anywhere, and produce studio-level home DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays with navigation menus, using their personal videos, regardless of what the video formats are.

6. Conclusion

DVDFab Video Downloader is a simple yet powerful tool to download twitch videos. This program can solve your video download problems once for all. No matter what your target is, download a playlist or operate multi-task download, it can finish the job quickly and beautifully. All you need is a membership, and a lot of more fun will come to you.

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