Top 5 MKV to AVI Converter Software

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Summary: Are you looking for a tool to convert MKV to AVI? Here are top 5 best MKV to AVI converters that contain many useful and advanced features. Now go to check and find the one you want.

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Often you might get ready for a movie night and discover that the software you have is unable to read an MKV file. There are several MKV to AVI converters, maybefree, online, orpaid, thatcan help solve such a dilemma. There are several such converter programs, some offering certain features that are not found in others and so forth. Here we take a look at such programs and their different functionalities.


1.    DVDFab Video Converter

This particular MKV to AVI converter is a full powered software which is able to read video formats that are downloaded from the internet or are from digital camcorders, can capture card input and so forth. One can convert such videos from their PC or Mac to mainstream video or audio formats. Here are some features that are unique to this software:

mkv to avi converter

●      It can convert video files from PC or Mac to mainstream video and audio formats which can be played on different multimedia devices including 3D compliant devices.

●      It can be run in the free version on Windows and Mac.

●      The converter can be used on video formats of all kinds, files that are downloaded from the internet, digital cards, and camcorders.

●      Conversion process includes metadata information retained from the sources; for instance, in the case of TV shows name of each episode, title, season, as well as episode number details, are all retained in the converted file.

●      This MKV to AVI converter also helps in editing files in creative ways as well as customizing the same. Output video can be controlled by this software and a use can decide which part of a video or parts they wish to keep output audio or subtitles and so forth; advanced users can also adjust certain parameters of the video or audio channels.

●      This MKV to AVI converter comes with an intuitive and simple user interface which supports batch conversion, multi-core, and multithreading for Intel QuickSync or NVIDIA CUDA.

●      The output is of great quality and even though the output video quality is not compromised, the process is completed in a short time spanin this best MKV to AVI converter without changing the quality.


2.    Movavi video converter

This is a good converter program available which comes with several benefits:

mkv to avi converter

●      It promises conversion at lightning speed.

●      Processing of batches of files can be done, any size and number.

●      Quality is maintained, even of 4K videos.

●      Compression and easy edits.

The process of converting formats such as from MKV to AVI and vice versa is an easy one and showed step by step on the official website. HD videos that comprise of subtitles, as well as several audio tracks, also work well on this program. The MKV to AVI converter comes in two popular versions, for Mac and Windows users. With the batch conversion feature, it is possible to encode several files and convert them simultaneously. The output format can be chosen to suit one’s needs and SuperSpeed technology leads to faster file conversion.


3.     Convert files

This particular converter is also handy if you are looking for the best free MKV to AVI converter. There are certain handy features that this program offers:

online mkv to avi converter

●      It can enable 330 combinations of output and input file formats.

●      Privacy and security is also maintained as a converted file is destroyed in 24 hours.

●      The converter can support different kinds of file conversion such as image, audio, and video as well as archive, documents, eBook and presentation files.


4.    Apowersoft Converter

This particular free MKV to AVI converter is another choice for converting audio and video files on the internet. The advantages that this software provides are several:

mkv to avi converter

●      Conversion can be done in a simple way by following the steps below which comprise of browsing source file, setting output format that is required and then clicking on conversion button.

●      High speed is provided when small video files are to be converted.

●      For large size videos, conversion takes place.


5.    BenderConverter

This is another converter program to use to convert MKV to AVI online free. It has a free version as well as a paid version with varying features.

mkv to avi converter

The functionalities it offers are:

●      It can support conversion of files from your computer, especially MKV to AVI.

●      The free version can support file conversion up to 100 MB.

●      For larger file conversions a customer needs to register for MKV to AVI video converter free download full version with a fee of $9.95 per month and maximum file size that can be converted at a go is 500 MB.

●      One can do unlimited file conversions every day.



The above softwareprogramsare the different kinds that exist for MKV to AVI file conversion. It is best to find a program as per the base OS such as convert MKV to AVI Linux or any other converter requirements you have.

Each program has its distinct advantages and features though DVDFab Video Converter offers a feature-rich application when compared with others. Other softwares become useful for quick online conversions.

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