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Summary: Apple's M4V files has DRM protection. How to remove M4V's DRM protection for free playback? Here we will show you the best way to achieve it.

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Are you looking for a free M4V player? If Yes, then this article will let you know about a free and powerful M4V player. M4V files can be protected and unprotected. So, you’ll also learn to remove the protection from these files. But first you should know about M4V and its protection which is known as DRM. 


Part 1: What is M4V?

M4V is a video container format just like the MP4. It is owned and developed by Apple. Unlike MP4 files, M4V can be DRM protected. Apple sells audio, video content to end users via the iTunes store. When you purchase this content from iTunes then it comes with DRM protection. These protected files can only be played on Apple devices like iPhones or iPads. Apple uses DRM protection to prevent illegal copying, distribution, and reselling of its iTunes purchased content. You just cannot play a DRM protected M4V file outside of Apple devices. To make it happen one should remove the DRM first.

Do you know the same and difference between M4V and MP4? Would you like to convert the M4V to MP4? Here will show you the best way to achieve the converter.


Part 2: How to Remove the DRM Protection on M4V Files for Free Playback?

DVDFab DRM removal for Appleis the recommended software for removing DRM protection from the iTunes media (M4V, M4P, M4B). This software not only removes the DRM protection but also losslessly converts the M4V files to MP4. The converted files (MP4) can then easily be played on any device like Android, iOS, PC, or even an HDTV via USB.

Features of DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple

·         Completely removes DRM from M4V files.

·         Losslessly converts DRM protected M4V files to MP4 files.

·         Supports superfast conversion and batch processing. You can remove DRM from multiple files in batch.

·         Can easily process M4V, along with M4P and M4B formats.

·         Available for both Mac and Windows

Note: To remove DRM encryptions, you should allow DVDFab to access the iTunes Library XML. To make it happen, go to iTunes > Edit > Preferences > Advanced, and then check the box before Share iTunes Library XML with other applications.

·         Open DVDFab  11 and click the ‘Utilities’ tab and then click ‘DRM Removal for Apple’. Wait until it automatically downloads and installs itself.

best m4v player

·         When the installation gets completed a separate window pops up. Here you can see two options ‘Audio’ and ‘Video’. Choose the right option.

best m4v file player

·         For loading the DRM protected files in this program you can either use the iTunes login option or can load the files from your Windows PC. Choose the right option.

drm removal for apple

·         After loading the DRM protected M4V files click the ‘Start’ button to start removing the DRM protection.

·         After the removal of DRM protection you can transfer those converted (MP4) files to any device of your choice like Android, iOS, PC etc.

So this is how you can remove DRM protection from M4V files.


Part 3: The Best M4V Player - DVDFab Player 5

Part 2 discussed removing the DRM protection from iTunes M4V files. Now if you do have unprotected M4V files then you can use our best M4V player which is DVDFab Player 5. DVDFab Player 5 plays unprotected M4V files for free. You can also use it to play other common video formats like MP4. It is the most powerful M4V player till date which has the capability of turning a small room in to a home-theater with all the powerful audio and video technologies.

most powerful m4v player

The DVDFab Player 5 is not just a random media player. It is a complete media player which supports almost every known video and audio format. Below are the some solid features which makes DVDFab Player 5 the best M4V player.

·         Designed for high definition entertainment either on TV or PC screen.

·         Supports HDR10 which is responsible for delivering the true detail, and crystal clear images on a TV or a PC screen.

·         Highly favorable for playing DVDs with menu, Blu-rays with menu, and UHD Blu-rays with menu.

·         It fully supports 3D content. Also supports side-by-side and top-bottom 3D videos.

·         To unlock its full potential, NVIDIA GTX 10 series or higher graphics cards are required. So you see that DVDFab Player 5 always stay updated to support the latest computer hardware.

·         Supports high-res audio output like Dolby digital, Dolby atmos, DTS:X, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master etc. with 7.1 channel surround sound.

So, if you’re looking for a complete media player then you should check DVDFab Player 5 at least once.



You just have learned about M4V, DRM protection and its removal, and playing M4V files. So what’s next? Now its your turn to start using the above-mentioned software. You should download DVDFab 11 for downloading the DRM removal tool. DVDFab Player 5 should be downloaded separately. While most of the common video formats can be played for free, but if you want to play DVD/Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD Blu-raydiscs then you have to purchase the paid version of this all round media player.

1. Permanent, complete and future-proof DRM removal solution
2. Support the music, videos and audiobooks ordered from Apple
3. Capable of maintaining the original audio & video quality
4. Capable of batch conversion and multi-task conversion

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